Youke smooth overlay plate is manufactured using advanced fusion bond welding technology to apply a highly abrasive resistant chromium carbide onto a steel substrate producing consistent chemistry and microstructure with a smooth overlay deposit
The formation of the high chromium carbide microstructure leads to a perfect abrasion resistant bi-metallic plate.
High chromium carbide with high abrasion resistance and moderate to high impact properties.
The hardness is a combination of the hard chromium carbide and the tough austenitic matrix fused to a carbon steel backing plate.

Benifits of Youke smooth surface chromium carbide overlay plate:
1, Smooth surface finish: Low friction co-efficient resulting in reduced hang up;
2, No weld beads: Maximum wear resistance as directional flow of product over hardface overlay is not required;
3, Low dilution with a uniform fusion line between hardface overlay and backing plate: Consistent hardness and microstructure resulting in consistent and predictable wear rates;
4, Fusion dilution depth: 0.016 ~ 0.029″ (0.4 ~ 0.75 mm)
5, Hardness: 58 ~ 64 HRc
6, Hardness & Microstructure: Uniform down to fusion line
7, Minimal Surface Relief Cracks on Hardface Overlay: Low residual stress between hardface overlay and backing plate resulting in ease for rolling and fabrication;
8, Operating temperature ≤ 1112 o F (≤ 600 o C)

Hang up / carry back can be caused by a number of factors including surface roughness of the construction material, material surface features (smooth or uneven), design and properties of the materials being transported (normally uncontrollable).
Buildup is costly as it reduces production efficiency, can cause millions of dollars in lost productivity and decreases availability
of plant and machinery.
Most material with either a high content of clay or water will have some type of hang up or carry back problem so Youke approach every hang up / carry back application on a case by case basis.

Post time: Oct-27-2021